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Sarah Deere-Jones

An outstanding performer of traditional & original music for harp and voice, Sarah has been a guest artist at the major harp festivals around the world. Often accompanied on guitar by husband Phil Williams, her music is an exciting blend of subtle & dazzling arrangements of traditional tunes and haunting singing of folk songs. She was classically trained at the Royal Academy of Music but has ever since, sought to break down the barriers between the two genres, and her research into the medieval harp in England has reclaimed the harp's role as a wholly appropriate instrument for English traditional music. Born and brought up in Dorset, her material is mostly traditional from southern England, but with many of her own songs and tunes, and occassionally some Celtic jigs & reels.

As well as performing traditional & medieval music, Sarah also gives lectures about the history of the harp around the world.

Sarah Deere-Jones' renditions delighted... and although this is her first visit to the festival,

hopefully she will return' - Neil Hedgeland, Living Tradition Magazine

'Absolutely magnificent, more of this please!' - (Album Wildharp) Folk Roots Magazine

'Remarkable music' - Classic FM (Album Soirbheas voted CD of the year)

Sarah’s playing can only be described as joyous, exhibiting a sense of pure abandon in her deft and creative phrasing,

that transcends her classical training or any overt desire to impress.

The communication of mood and spirit-of-place is paramount.' - David Kidman FATEA Records.

'An inventive, intuitive musician' - Musician Magazine

'Exquisite' - Folk Harp Journal USA

'I was captivated... and this album continues to cast it's spell' - What's Afoot Magazine

I Drew My Ship (Soundcloud)

Whispers (Soundcloud)

Miri it is (Soundcloud)

Sea Spell from Soirbheas (Soundcloud)



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